Candelas™ Homes Provide the Best in Green Home Construction Features

Candelas homes in Arvada, Colorado definitely knows its business when it comes to developing a green, sustainable community. This new, eco-friendly and energy-efficient community of homes has gone all out when it comes to providing the very best in green home construction features.

Energy Star® Certified
For starters, each home within the Candelas community will be constructed to the extremely demanding Energy Star® 3.0 requirements. In addition, most homes will be constructed with sustainable energy technologies such as solar panels. The homes are well-planned and designed for energy savings, coming equipped with energy-efficient appliances, and advanced windows and insulation. The end result is one that delights owners by offering far lower operating costs and creating a more attractive new home investment opportunity.

Solar Power and Renewable Energy Technology
All new homes in Candelas are “solar ready,” meaning the home is designed from the foundation up to seamlessly convert to solar power when the homeowner is ready. Solar power is also used in many of the streetlights on the Candelas, property and solar tiles have been placed in the entry monuments and are even embedded in some of the streetscapes.

The Candelas community is committed to the use of renewable energy technology which includes solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and solar street lights, to name a few.

Leed® Certified Recreation Centers
Using renewable energy technology, the recreation facilities at Candelas are Leed® Certified and utilize renewable energy in the form of solar power and geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. How many recreation centers can boast of that?

Super “Green” Landscaping
Everything within the Candelas community was designed with green in mind. Open space, trails, parks, and the location of the Town Center were all planned to ensure a sustainable neighborhood development. By using native plants, we made Candelas a lush community while at the same time decreasing the use of potable water by as much as 30 percent.

Sustainability Trust
For added value, every new home in the Candelas community is eligible to participate in the Sustainability Trust which offers grants to owners so they may retrofit their homes for the latest in energy-saving technology and features.

Candelas™ Marketing Campaign Distinguished As “Best of the Best” At 2012 MAME Awards Ceremony In Denver

Recently, Candelas and its advertising agency, Miles BrandDNA, was distinguished as the “standard of excellence in Denver’s homebuilding community” in several categories at this year’s Merchandising and Marketing Excellence (MAME) Awards Ceremony presented by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Denver.

Every year, MAME recognizes the top achievers in homebuilding communities throughout the Denver area. The award categories span all aspects of the homebuilding industry, including: marketing, sales, interior design, architecture and construction.

The awards ceremony was held on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at the Seawell Grand Ballroom located within the Denver Center for Performing Arts. There were over 50 finalists competing in 41 categories at this year’s event.

Candelas was selected as finalists in five key categories:
Best Brochure
Best Radio or TV Advertisement
Best Community Website
Best Print Ad
Best Overall Advertising Campaign
Our award winning campaign was created to help launch our newest community in Arvada, Colorado, which opened in June 2012. The campaign, called LiveForward™, was inspired by our strong commitment to sustainable living.

Being selected as a finalist is an honor in itself; however, it was even more impressive winning four out of the five categories we competed in. Candelas took home the following awards:
Best Radio or TV Advertisement
Best Community Website
Best Print Ad
Best Overall Advertising Campaign
If you’d like to learn more about what makes Candelas so great, head over to our website to discover the different housing options available in our community. We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s leading home builders to provide you with the best combination of sustainability, design, and energy performance all at an affordable cost. Living green isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your pocketbook too.

Candelas™ New Homes in Arvada, Colorado

When it comes to living, at the end of the day, technology employees opt for a green home community like Candelas. Located just a short distance from the research and tech corridor, Candelas new homes in Arvada, Colorado is the place technophiles come to unplug. A sustainable, new homes community laden with budget-smart green homes, Candelas is ideally situated just minutes from the technology hotbeds of Denver and Boulder.

What is a Technology Corridor?
A technology corridor is the name given to urban areas that include a high concentration of technology companies, research universities, industrial bases and federal laboratories. Listed among the Top 50 Technology Corridors in the U.S., Denver and Boulder make up what is known as the technology “Convergence Corridor”.

The combination of technology and research facilities produce natural economic growth and a dynamic job market. Economic growth in tech corridors is shown to be consistently higher than in other regions of the country.

Alternative Energy Technologies
At Candelas, living green has never been easier, or more affordable. Our budget-friendly new homes are built solar ready and Energy Star® rated to meet the stringent Energy Star® 3.0 requirements. These eco-smart homes include energy-efficient appliances, along with advanced insulation and windows, enabling you to live comfortably throughout the year while significantly lowering your energy use – and your utility bills.

LEED Certified Recreation Centers
At Candelas, we understand the importance of working out and staying healthy. Our LEED-certified recreation centers (the first of which is currently under construction) will be equipped with solar panels and a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling – offering the perfect green and environmentally healthy workout facility.

Green, Colorado Living
The beauty of living in a Candelas new, green home in Arvada is the fact that it combines the very best of green living and Colorado living all in one community. Parks, playgrounds, 11,000 acres of open space, reservoirs and the majestic Rocky Mountains offer unlimited opportunities to engage in every outdoor sport and recreation imaginable. At Candelas, green living and the best of Colorado living come together in a new home community that’s committed to sustainability, the environment – and you!

Candelas™ New Homes: Green Colorado Living

At Candelas new homes in Arvada, green living and economical living have found a home.


When it comes to green Colorado living, the new home community of Candelas in Arvada is a winning combination. A sustainable green home community, Candelas offers some of the best renewable energy features and amenities of any sustainable community in the Denver Metropolitan area.

The new homes community of Candelas provides a wonderful opportunity to live an affordable, green lifestyle amidst all of the exciting outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. Located just minutes from Boulder, Golden and downtown Denver, residents at Candelas enjoy access to fantastic shopping, dining, entertainment and educational opportunities. Even more, Candelas is located adjacent to the Rocky Mountain foothills, offering thousands of acres of outdoor recreational space and endless outdoor activities.

At Candelas, our commitment to green living is reflected in everything from our landscaping to our solar-powered street lamps. On site, residents will also have two impressive LEED® certified recreation centers, complete with a pool, fitness facilities and meeting space which will help residents stay healthy and fit. With all new homes at Candelas being Energy Star® Certified and ready-built for future renewable energy technology, Candelas brings together green living and the best of Colorado living in a delightful new home community committed to sustainability and affordability.

Take a Tour of the Candelas Community

View the Proximity Map to find out what’s near Candelas

No other community in the state of Colorado has the unique combination of sustainability and natural beauty with immediate access to the Colorado outdoor lifestyle and the Denver/Boulder Metropolitan areas. These features truly make Candelas a world-class, green home community that makes Colorado living the best it can be!

Candelas™ Offers a Variety of New Budget-smart, Sustainable Homes

A new sustainable community in Arvada, Colorado, Candelas™ offers a great selection of affordable green homes for economically savvy and environmentally conscious buyers. Singles, couples and families alike will no doubt be pleased with the smart, eco-friendly choice of homes this forward-thinking community has to offer.


Every home in Candelas is built to satisfy rigorous Energy Star® 3.0 requirements. Each house comes equipped with energy-efficient appliances, along with advanced insulation and windows, leading to drastic reductions in home energy use and utility bills.

At the new sustainable community of Candelas, a minimum of 20 percent of the new homes will be constructed with at least one renewable energy system, such as solar PV panels. Even more, all Candelas homes are built “solar ready” from the foundation up, making future conversions to solar power seamless. When the time comes for you to convert your home to a renewable energy system the Candelas Sustainabilty Trust may provide you with a grant to help defray the cost of conversion.

Single Family Homes

  • Single Family Homes at Candelas include a unique combination of outstanding design, competitive pricing and high-energy performance.

Traditional Neighborhood Design Homes (TND)

  • Candelas Traditional Neighborhood Design Homes are built with a modern twist of the classic single family home that includes features such as alley entry garages and traditional front porch living.

Semi-custom and Custom Homes

  • Designed by some of Colorado’s most premier builders, Semi-custom and Custom Homes in Candelas offer a perfect solution to personal preference, offering individuals the chance to express their own unique design taste and style..

Low-maintenance Patio Homes

  • Sporting superior design and easy to maintain, Low-maintenance Patio Homes at Candelas offer residents a simpler way to live in a sustainable, green home.

Townhomes and Condominiums

  • Candelas Townhomes and Condominiums allow home owners to enjoy that urban feel while surrounded by Colorado’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Apartment Homes

  • For those not yet ready to buy a home but wish to be a part of new, cutting-edge sustainable community, Candelas Apartment Homes are the perfect solution.

Candelas™ Solar Offerings

As one of Colorado’s premier green-living communities, Candelas offers a number of environmentally friendly features that you aren’t likely to find in any other new homes in Colorado. From our selection of sustainable new homes designed to fit just about any budget, to our energy efficient community amenities, Candelas has everything you’re looking for.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Candelas is our use of solar power throughout the neighborhood. The planned solar offerings throughout the community show that Candelas is committed to sustainable living, as well as offsetting energy costs associated with the operation of our common areas. Solar power is good for the environment and good for your wallet. What could be better?

Some of the solar offerings included at Candelas are:

  • Solar tiles in the streetscape and entry monuments
  • Solar streetlights
  • Solar-powered ID signs;
  • Solar powered mailbox kiosk lighting
  • 15 kilowatt rooftop photovoltaic system atop our recreation center
  • And more to come!

In addition to our community-wide solar offerings all new homes in Candelas come solar ready, meaning they are designed to be more easily retrofitted with solar power PV systems in the future, if your home is not already built with solar power by your builder. Solar power is abundant, good for the environment, and is becoming less expensive to use. Solar power also provides homeowners with protection against future electricity cost inflation. Solar power and our focus on delivering smart, sustainable living is just another reason why living forward at Candelas is so attractive.

Candelas™ Sustainability Trust: A Retrofitting Promise

When it comes to equipping your home with renewable energy technologies, Candelas has you covered. With our Sustainability Trust you can rest assured you will have ample opportunity in the future to retrofit your new Candelas home with the latest renewable energy technology whenever you are ready to do so – and we will help you pay for the upgrades.

Candelas Sustainability Trust and Grants
Candelas allocates funding for every new home lot not originally built with a renewable energy system. Should you decide to wait to install renewable energy technology, such as solar panels, you can cash in your grant and add the new features at your convenience. Through our grants, these seamless retrofitting options enable you to add great value to your home.

Future Value Today
The beauty of the Sustainability Trust is the fact that you can tap the trust for a future grant to assist you in the cost of retrofitting your home with tomorrow’s more advanced renewable energy technologies. For your benefit, these grants are included when you first purchase your Candelas home! Whether you decide to equip your home now or in the future, your renewable energy demands will be completely satisfied!

Candelas™: Living Close to Nature

Built green both inside and out, living at Candelas in Arvada, Colorado is like being one with nature. This stunning sustainable community, that includes 191 acres of open space with 13.5 miles of recreational trails and multiple parks, offers residents a living experience unlike any other in the Denver metropolitan region.

Outdoor Wonderland
With quick and easy access to the foothills and the majestic Rocky Mountains around the corner, Candelas makes the perfect home for outdoor enthusiasts. Rolling topography and surrounding Front Range views merge with stunning architecture and open space that offers a sense of freedom and lack of inhibition. A master planned community built to create community and to embrace nature, Candelas is a true sight to behold.

Environmentally Friendly
Because Candelas holds the environment in the highest regard, homes in this natural habitat are built green and sustainable, with energy-conscious designs that saturate the property, making it one of the most environmentally friendly neighborhoods northwest of Denver. At Candelas, the best of green, Colorado living join together to form a new home community that’s committed to both nature and sustainability.

New Candelas Homebuilder, Century Communities, Featured on

In a recent article by senior editor, John Caulfiield of Builder Magazine, new Candelas builder, Century Communities, was highlighted for its commitment to build single-family homes in Candelas. The article accentuates Century Communities’ interest in building fresh, modern new home architecture–including designs that accommodate a solar energy package–that work together with Candelas’ commitment to sustainable community design. In particular, the article says:

“Earlier this month, Century began selling homes at Candelas, a sustainable master-planned community in Arvada, Colo., one of the state’s big job centers near Golden and Boulder but still only 30 minutes from Denver. The developer, Terra Causa Capital (which is in partnership with GF Properties, a subsidiary of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe), allocated 127 lots for Century, whose homes will compete in this community with products from Ryland Homes, Richmond American, and Standard Pacific.

Davidson expects his company will eventually have a bigger presence at Candelas, where a total of 1,500 homes are planned.

Candelas’ tagline is “Live Forward,” and the community places considerable emphasis on energy efficiency. Its rec centers are LEED certified and all of its homes must be Energy Star certified and solar ready; in fact the majority of the homes built there so far come with solar panels as standard features. The community also maintains a sustainability trust, which allocates funding for the potential retrofitting of every new home lot that is not built originally with a renewable energy system.

Under these competitive efficiency prescriptions, Century, says Davidson, felt that it needed to come up with home designs that were “fresh” and “modern.” Its architect, Denver-based Godden Sudik, developed models with open interior architectures, and sleeker exteriors that feature dramatic stucco-finished front entrances.

The models range from 1,900 to 3,200 square feet and are priced from $354,950 to $414,950.

“[Century was] looking for something different for an area that’s a bit more progressive-leaning” in terms of what first-time and move-up home buyers want, says Paul Brady, a partner at Godden Sudik.

The architect also decided to go with hipped roofs so the homes could accommodate a solar energy package that Century offers (in conjunction with SolarCity) that includes a 20-year prepaid leased system with 1.92-kilowatt upgrades available.”

Renewable Energy Offerings

Renewable Energy Offerings Candelas™ home builders offer some fantastic renewable energy solutions.

Candelas is a premier, environmentally conscious community located in beautiful Arvada, Colorado. Our unique, master planned homes are built Energy Star® qualified with renewable energy systems such as sizeable solar photovoltaic panel systems. Two of our home builders, Ryland Homes and Standard Pacific Homes are featuring some of the most cutting edge energy solutions available today.

Ryland Homes
Ryland Homes, a leading name in green home building, utilizes many energy efficient solutions for their new homes at Candelas. Every home includes a prepaid 2 kilowatt solar photovoltaic panel system. In addition, each home is HERS rated and blower door tested to ensure optimal energy efficiency. The interior designers at Ryland specialize in sustainable features and the use of refurbished, reused or recycled materials.

Ryland’s HouseWorks® program features green and energy-efficient products to help insure your comfort like quality heating and cooling systems which will keep your energy costs low.

Additional energy efficiency features include:

  • Manufactured stone
  • Hardboard siding
  • Weather-resistant barrier house wrap
  • Recycled/recyclable carpets
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Molded fiber interior doors
  • Ceramic wall tiles
  • Recycle Center in every kitchen
  • Puron® refrigerant in optional A/C units

Standard Pacific Homes
In regards to quality and energy efficiency, the Summit Collection at Candelas is nationally recognized within Standard Pacific Homes as the leader in energy efficient design and technology across the country.

Standard Pacific Homes’ Summit Collection at Candelas features eight all-new designs that are Energy Star® qualified to the latest standards. Every one of the eight designs also includes a sizeable 1.4 kilowatt solar photovoltaic panel system to offset conventional electricity costs. This system is not sold as a traditional lease, as other builders might offer, but rather the ownership of the system is 100% included in the base price of every home.

Standard Pacific also offers options to upgrade this system to 2.3, 3.2 and 4.6 kilowatts which can offset up to 85% of most electric bills every month. Since buyers that choose a Standard Pacific home will own the solar panels that means they are eligible for generous one-time Federal Tax Credits and they will also reap great economic benefits over the course of their home ownership from a builder that is nationally recognized for quality building practices.

Other eco-friendly features include:

  • Double-pane windows
  • High efficiency furnaces and appliances
  • 2×6 exterior wall construction w/ R-21 insulation
  • R-38 attic insulation
  • R-11 basement wall insulation

Additionally, every home in the Summit Collection at Candelas is certified by a 3rd party energy partner prior to closing. Just two more great reasons to call Candelas home!