• Candelas™ Sustainability Trust: A Retrofitting Promise
    Just another way Candelas makes living forward easy and carefree.

    When it comes to equipping your home with renewable energy technologies, Candelas has you covered. With our Sustainability Trust you can rest assured you will have ample opportunity in the future to retrofit your new Candelas home with the latest renewable energy technology whenever you are ready to do so – and we will help you pay for the upgrades.

    Candelas Sustainability Trust and Grants
    Candelas allocates funding for every new home lot not originally built with a renewable energy system. Should you decide to wait to install renewable energy technology, such as solar panels, you can cash in your grant and add the new features at your convenience. Through our grants, these seamless retrofitting options enable you to add great value to your home.

    Future Value Today
    The beauty of the Sustainability Trust is the fact that you can tap the trust for a future grant to assist you in the cost of retrofitting your home with tomorrow’s more advanced renewable energy technologies. For your benefit, these grants are included when you first purchase your Candelas home! Whether you decide to equip your home now or in the future, your renewable energy demands will be completely satisfied!


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