A curious thing happens when life surrounds you with rare grasslands and clear blue skies: you do everything to keep it that way. As such, Candelas is focused on creating a healthy, livable and sustainable new home community that provides an enhanced quality of life for present and future generations. We call this sustainable living foundation Live Forward™. Here are some of the ways Candelas residents are benefiting:

    Want to see how Candelas residents conserve energy and save money? View our Live Forward video.

    Smart, sustainable living comes standard.
    Every new home for sale at Candelas has sustainability features built right in—all at prices comparable to other new homes that don’t offer nearly as much. For instance, the majority of homes in Candelas will be built with solar panels as a standard feature—and every single new home is built solar-ready from the ground up, making conversion to solar power at a later time simple. There’s also long-term savings to consider. A new Candelas home is so energy efficient it will lower your operating costs and utility bills, and lower your impact on the planet at the same time.

    A new standard in green living.
    Living green means saving green. All new homes for sale at Candelas are Energy Star® Homes, built to meet the stringent Energy Star® 3.0 requirements. These eco-smart homes include energy-efficient appliances and advanced insulation and windows. It means you can live in comfort all year long, while dramatically lowering your home’s energy use—and your utility bills.

    Sustainability trusts and grants.
    If you’re not ready for today’s renewable energy technologies when you first buy your new Candelas home, you’ll have the option to retrofit it in the years to come—and we’ll help you pay for it.* The Candelas Sustainability Trust allocates funding for every new home lot that is not originally built with a renewable energy system. So if you’re holding out for the renewable energy technology of the future, you might want to wait a few years to cash in your grant to put those solar panels on your roof, or to install a future option.

    Renewable-energy powered Recreation Centers.
    With power for electricity generated by solar panels, as well as a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling, the LEED-certified recreation centers in Candelas are designed to keep you—and the planet we all share—in a healthy condition.

    Harnessing the sun to light homes—and the way home.
    Solar power is being utilized all throughout the new home community of Candelas. We’re using it to power many of the community’s streetlights, and we’ve placed solar tiles in our entry monuments, and plan on putting more throughout the community over time.

    Living sustainably requires constant innovation.
    The Community Sustainability Manager is charged with ensuring that the Candelas sustainability plan is executed community-wide, and to also monitor all the latest renewable energy technological advancements. It’s our way of ensuring that Candelas stays at the forefront of all things green.

    Beautifully responsible landscaping.
    Open space, trails, parks and the location of the future Town Center were all planned to ensure sustainable neighborhood development. And through the use of native plants, Candelas is able to decrease potable water use by as much as 30%.

    *Sustainability trust grants are available only to homeowners who
    purchase a new home built without a renewable energy system.