Candelas is a place of wide-open spaces interrupted by nothing that detracts from its natural beauty. The new homes here may be measured in square feet, but their backyards are calculated in square miles. Not only does Candelas boast 193 acres of Arvada open space on-site, but it’s surrounded by 11,500+ acres of protected public lands that await your discovery. There’s also the nearby 5,237-acre Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, a protected natural habitat with a resident population of deer, elk, owls, white pelicans and more than 300 other species.

    Beyond all this are the many open space lands of the Front Range and the Rockies. Candelas is an outdoor wonderland that provides a way of life unlike any other in the Denver metropolitan region. And you’re reminded of the fact daily: Imagine witnessing endless views of mountaintops piercing cobalt sky. Or enjoying unforgettable days where elk actually outnumber people. It all comes with the territory when you live in a place that has forged an irrevocable covenant with nature itself.

    Enjoy Arvada outdoor living with Candelas open space. Pay us a visit to see for yourself – we have no doubt it will take your breath away.

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