• Candelas™ Homes Provide the Best in Green Home Construction Features
    At Candelas™ green living and the best of Colorado living come together in a new home community that is committed to sustainability.

    Candelas homes in Arvada, Colorado definitely knows its business when it comes to developing a green, sustainable community. This new, eco-friendly and energy-efficient community of homes has gone all out when it comes to providing the very best in green home construction features.

    Energy Star® Certified
    For starters, each home within the Candelas community will be constructed to the extremely demanding Energy Star® 3.0 requirements. In addition, most homes will be constructed with sustainable energy technologies such as solar panels. The homes are well-planned and designed for energy savings, coming equipped with energy-efficient appliances, and advanced windows and insulation. The end result is one that delights owners by offering far lower operating costs and creating a more attractive new home investment opportunity.

    Solar Power and Renewable Energy Technology
    All new homes in Candelas are “solar ready,” meaning the home is designed from the foundation up to seamlessly convert to solar power when the homeowner is ready. Solar power is also used in many of the streetlights on the Candelas, property and solar tiles have been placed in the entry monuments and are even embedded in some of the streetscapes.

    The Candelas community is committed to the use of renewable energy technology which includes solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and solar street lights, to name a few.

    Leed® Certified Recreation Centers
    Using renewable energy technology, the recreation facilities at Candelas are Leed® Certified and utilize renewable energy in the form of solar power and geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. How many recreation centers can boast of that?

    Super “Green” Landscaping
    Everything within the Candelas community was designed with green in mind. Open space, trails, parks, and the location of the Town Center were all planned to ensure a sustainable neighborhood development. By using native plants, we made Candelas a lush community while at the same time decreasing the use of potable water by as much as 30 percent.

    Sustainability Trust
    For added value, every new home in the Candelas community is eligible to participate in the Sustainability Trust which offers grants to owners so they may retrofit their homes for the latest in energy-saving technology and features.


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